Fraser Coombes – Lead Vocalist, Checaine

I began vocal training session with Paule with the goal of bridging a mid range gap in my vocal range.

Although I had sung for a number of years and would consider myself an experienced performer in the genre of rock/metal, I was at a stage where I was simply not making the connections and progress I wanted on my own.

My original rock band Checaine were in the midst of recording our debut album when I felt the use of a professional vocal coach may just help me sound smoother and more connected with my voice and the listener. 

After an initial diagnostics session, in which Paule gave his professional audit on the condition of my voice and potential, he created a tailored vocal training programme. Although Paule encouraged me to identify the areas of my voice I’d like to work on I found his programme and content during lessons specifically targeted the areas I needed to work on without even realising myself. Paule has worldwide connections with some of the globe’s most renowned vocal coaches. 

His information is current and his ability to get results out of his students by using the latest tricks of the trade is second-to-none. 

It’s worth me mentioning that Paule is the fourth vocal coach I have used. I wish I had saved my time and money and gone straight to Paule.

A key area of learning for myself was around vocal health. Paule taught me the importance of treating your voice like a highly sensitive instrument. I was intrigued to learn about foods that should be avoided as a vocalist, dietary habits and the power of water.

If you are looking for that little bit of help to speed up your learning progress and are interested in any of the following I can confidently recommend Paule as the vocal coach to deliver the results you are striving for.

Weekly practice routines, how to train the voice safely, vocal health, pre-show warm ups, post-show warm down, how to perform when you have a cold, healthy/safe voice distortion, the power of blurb exercises, blend and vowel pronunciation, vowel modification, range extension, performance techniques, marketing advice and much much more.

Since having vocal training with Paule, my band has gone on to play gigs with Devilskin, I Am Giant, Setting Fire To Stacey, Ekko Park and many more.

Paule is a big believer in using analogies during his training sessions to ensure the student has a true understanding of the technique or pivotal learning moment in a lesson.

If you are looking to improve your voice then look no further than Paule. If his sheer enthusiasm for singing and your progress don’t motivate you on their own I’ll eat my hat! 

Every time I take the stage now I do so with the confidence that I have the right tools and techniques to deliver a great performance.

Thanks Paule! You Rock!

Kara James Gordon – Touring Artist

Paule from RVR has helped me immensely with my vocals.

I have been a professional musician for years thought i was doing alright with my singing, but Paule showed me the real deal way to sing by using my diaphragm breathing and taught me facial and lung strengthening exercises that have helped take me to the next level of vocal performance.

People who have come to my gigs for years have noticed improvements in my power, tone and pitch. The improvements have happened since i started going to Paule for coaching.

This guy knows his stuff!

Kara’s performance credits:

  • Opened for Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, Joe Satriani and Elton John
  • Performed with Glen Hughes (Deep Purple)
  • Toured internationally  throughout New Zealand, Australia and Europe with Alabama 3
  • Toured New Zealand and Australia as part of the “Fly My Pretties” tour

​P.S. The video below was recorded before I started taking singing lessons with Paule. I will post a video soon to show you a difference that coaching has made to my voice!

James Price – Contemporary Music and Performance Graduate

Long story short. If I knew of Paule’s existence from day 1, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else.  

Hey all, I really want to take the time to acknowledge Paule Enso and his Rapid Vocal Results Coaching Programme. If you’re considering vocal lessons from Paule, it’s important to understand my journey but also the journey you are considering embarking on. 

I’m 31 years old and been singing for about 5 years now. I wanted to sing since I was 18 but was laughed at when I first tried and unfortunately that shattered all my confidence until recently. I understand what it’s like to be scared to sing in front of family and friends. To have your voice lock up and your throat hurt. To have muffled sound and sing off pitch. To feel intimidated when someone else is listening, causing you to shake and squeak.  

I also now understand the rush from performing, to have someone lock eyes with you and almost cry because you made a connection with them in ways that perhaps something else quite hasn’t. I now understand and feel how powerful it is to have someone tell me how much I’ve improved or that I “Have a beautiful voice”. Things I never thought was possible. I now first-hand understand how rewarding that feels. 

My vocal experience ranges from 5 different vocal coaches, including one from musical study at University. 

Long story short. If I knew of Paule’s existence from day 1, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else.  

With that said I do want to acknowledge the value from past coaches and lessons learned along the way as it all stacks up. It’s only from embarking on this vocal journey that I have a clear understanding and now can recognise and appreciate the level at which Paule teaches. When you first meet him, you can instantly tell he takes his profession and craft seriously. He is passionate about what he does, and he gives nothing but 100%. Paule Enso is Rapid Vocal Results. 

Paule has such a diverse understanding of music and a variety of skills that he is able to answer EVERY question I’ve thrown at him, in a way that is easy to understand and furthermore can prove his answers correct by actually demonstrating the answer through his own practical vocal ability. Paule and I connect very well. I hope he laughs at this but occasionally I get frustrated in lessons because our time together is so valuable that if I’m not understanding something well or picking it up as fast as I’d like, I get a bit impatient or really test him with questions and my opinions which he handles just fantastic and still manages to help me understand or challenge me in ways that I need until our next lesson together.

This is important because most vocal coaches I’ve had have not always been able to explain to me the purpose of their own exercises or instantly demonstrate their knowledge to me in a practical application that proves what they are saying. Most the time Paule makes me prove to myself what he’s saying which is usually a humourous/breakthrough/rapid vocal result moment.

Paule teaches in a more holistic way, in that he really connects with the emotional part of yourself and in turn, you connect emotionally with yourself too. This really helps deliver key concepts and learnings into bite sized, easy to digest pieces. He encourages you, builds you up all while being genuine and honest. He listens and understands what it is you want to achieve, then sets out to help you accomplish your goals. It’s so important to have this as a musician because we all have a story to tell, we all have something to share and we can’t create a genuine performance that leaves a lasting impact on the listener without giving the true representation of our emotions.  

Paule understands what vocal challenges you are having and why, he will advise how to overcome them usually improving on them instantly, though you do need to put in the hard work to practice between lessons.  

Because of his diverse music experience, his lessons not only incorporate vocal training but also interweave ear training and understanding of how chord progressions and songs are made. If you are an aspiring singer/songwriter, this is A BIG DEAL. Let me explain: 

I studied music and graduated a Certificate of Contemporary Music and Performance. Why?  

To become a great vocal performer and understand what it means to be a singer/songwriter and create my own music.  

Did this happen?  

Not really. University was great in that I got some hands-on band experience, learned music theory, built confidence and had the occasional vocal lesson. But to be blunt, it was a waste of 12 months and the money which would have been better spent learning elsewhere. 

Paule Enso is the best vocal coach I’ve had and that is a bold statement. I’m at a place in my life where I live and breathe music performance. I’m not prepared to settle for anything less than the best as I want results, and I want them now. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about singing is that anyone can do it, but it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be ambitious, motivated, supported, consistent with practice, have a live performing outlet and ultimately the correct guidance every step of the way.  

Paule is not only my vocal coach, but he’s my mentor too, and after 8 months of weekly vocal lessons, he is a good friend of mine. 

To anyone seriously considering a vocal coach who will deliver results, Paule Enso has been the best that I’ve had to date and I’m overwhelmingly excited to see what the next few years has in store for my development. 

Thanks, Paule. 

– James Price

Kim Rose Fairthorne – Former MAINZ Student

Dear future RVR students,

I have been having vocal lessons with Paule and I have noticed improvements right from the very first lesson.

I had previously gained a lot of bad habits from watching YouTube videos of vocal coaches, but, with no feedback I was unable to understand what I was doing wrong and why it was not working for me.

Prior to lessons with Paule, I could relate my singing to driving a manual car in the wrong gear. Not only did I not even know I was in the wrong gear, I was completely afraid of breakdowns and not wanting to go anywhere with it!  I was revving the heck out of my engine at the high end of the scale and bunny hopping and konking out at the low end of the scale.

Paule has shown me how to be in the right gear for every note, how to not run on empty while breathing and how to not overfill the tank. We are currently working on my confidence and performance and I am finally starting to feel like I have traded my old manual car in for a smooth running automatic, sleek and street worthy!

Paule has also given me expert advice on the musicality of my original songs. I would highly recommend Paule to anyone interested in improving their singing voice. 

Kind regards,

Kim Rose

Noel Choi

Prior to RVR, I was experiencing vocal bowing, struggling to hit high notes and was straining my neck while singing.

Through Rapid Vocal Results, I was able to overcome vocal bowing, learned to sing with less strain, and learned to hit higher notes effortlessly.

Paule makes each lesson fun with the energy he brings. He is very familiar with vocal pedagogy and the anatomy of singing. Each lesson, I would have epiphanies and “woah!” moments, being able to sing certain notes or sound in a certain way that I would have struggled to do before. I saw noticeable significant improvements over time.

I would highly recommend Paule’s Rapid Vocal Results to anyone serious about improving their singing skills quickly.

Mike McGregor – Lead Singer of MinTaH

We can get so complacent in our own instrument, that sometimes it is just necessary to once again be the student.

I came to Paule Enso of RVR in the summer of 2019. I had been singing and performing for a while, but had yet to discover what my voice could really do. I was singing with a lot of tension, which hindered my stamina, my range, and my vocal freedom. I also felt a little bit lost vocally.

Paule Enso of RVR is far and beyond the best voice teacher I’ve ever had. I feel incredibly lucky to have found him in my vocal journey, and I am so glad to be studying with him again a few years on.

The thing I appreciate most about Paule’s teaching is his empathy and ability to communicate new concepts. On top of that, his technical knowledge of the voice is unparalleled. There is not a single person to whom I wouldn’t recommend him.

Balpreet Masaun

Paule is a great vocal coach! He helped me reach high notes without pushing and he explained how important diaphragmatic support is in singing.

I really appreciated that he took the time in every lesson to make sure I understood everything. Every lesson was an experience and Paule showed me some amazing tips to aid me in my singing journey.

Keith Pratt

I have been working with Paule for about 9 months and he has helped take me from a non-existent singing voice to a voice that my band mates are very happy with and they say that it is improving all the time under Paules guidance.

His Rapid Vocal Results method help you achieve whatever level you want, providing you put in the work.

Paule is a tough taskmaster, but the end results are there to prove his methods work. Paule is great to work with and individualises his lessons to make them work for you.

I highly recommend Paule’s processes and teaching methods!

Mary Elizabeth Grace – Spoken Word Performer

I am thrilled to have Paule as my Vocal Performance Coach via Skype.

He was able to pinpoint exactly why I was struggling with my voice and come up with an effective, customized approach just as he promised.

I had worked with several highly acclaimed vocal coaches, but had made very little progress. Paule was able to get at the root of the problem, which has been a game changer for me.

Paule guides and has built my confidence, step by step, all through this past year. He has the patience, expertise and genuine passion to help me grow into my voice as a singer. He is always reminding me of what I have accomplished so far and all I have to look forward to when I reach my dream of singing my songs.

That said, each and every lesson is a real pleasure because of the genuine enthusiasm he shares for my journey, what I like to call, the sounding of Soul.

Kind Regards,

Mary Elizabeth Grace

Toronto, Canada