RVR Vocal Gym

Vocal gym is here! The next session is at 2pm this Saturday.

RVR Vocal Gym is a online vocal exercise workout for singers it runs for 30 minutes.

You will be taken through a professional vocal flexibility and strengthening workout for your voice. This is a world class vocal gym program designed to help every singer at every level.

Improve your vocal flexibility and target the correct micro muscles to rapidly grow and strengthen your singing voice.

Sessions are $25.00 for 30 minutes.

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Is this a single user session?

No, this is a group vocal work out session.

Will other singers be able to hear me when I sing?

No. I will be instructing everybody to turn their microphone off prior to starting the session.

Will I receive one-on-one technique coaching during this session?

The RVR Vocal Gym session is a vocal workout exercise session. It's different to an online or face-to-face Rapid Vocal Results coaching session because the RVR Vocal Gym session does not include any vocal or singers breathing technique coaching.

If a singer is requiring technique based coaching, you can book a one-to-one private coaching session with me here.

Can I video or record the session?

No. Please be respectful of other singers' privacy.

Who are these sessions designed for?

RVR Vocal Gym classes are suitable for every level of singer.

At the beginning of the session i will do my best to gauge what level everyone is at in terms of their general singing experience and customise the session accordingly.

If I am new to singing will i get left behind?

No man or woman gets left behind at RVR.

If the session was challenging for you, please talk to me afterwards and book in a one-to-one coaching session to learn the fundamentals of good singing.

If I miss this session can i watch a replay?

Unfortunately not. These sessions are live and are not recorded for privacy reasons.