Hi, I'm Paule

Not every singer is blessed at birth with Herculean sized vocal cords that make singing a breeze.

I know I certainly wasn't! In fact, my voice was so weak when I started singing even the simplest songs were a real struggle. I became determined to search the globe for proven techniques and exercises to reduce the time it takes to develop real power, range and improve vocal tone.

I made plenty of mistakes along the way and tried out dozens of voice coaches and programmes that failed to provide the results I was looking for. I learnt by trial and error, and figured out how the voice works.

I studied vocal anatomy and discovered which exercises work best with certain voices to grow the vocal cords. As a result of my quest for knowledge, I am proud to say I have created a vocal development exercise method that delivers real results with my clients. I call this method "Rapid Vocal Results".

I'm not just another singing teacher. I help people dramatically reduce the time it takes to overcome vocal obstacles and develop their true performer voice.

I have now been working as a vocal coach and as a performing singer for over twenty years. During that time, I have performed in New Zealand, Australia, and America.

My coaching philosophy

Every singer is different and no two sets of vocal cords are the same. I teach beginners, immediate and advanced through to professionals (singing teachers and vocal coaches, recording and touring artists). Every session is customised specifically to the needs of my client and their immediate vocal goals.

I can help you:

  • Gain real confidence
  • Reduce vocal strain
  • Develop real power
  • Increase your range
  • Heal and recuperate a blown voice
  • Scream and sing safely with out risk
  • Improve your ability to follow melody
  • Build a voice you will be proud to call your own.

If you're a singing teacher that is looking to receive customised coaching to upskill your own singing abilities and supercharge your coaching content, I can assist with this as well.

Coaching credits include: Coaching post NZ Xfactor 2015 finalists.

I can save you days, weeks, months, years of vocal frustration, and dramatically reduce the time it takes for you to develop your true performer voice. The hard work, disclipline and willing effort that part will come from you.

The six pillars of a strong and confident singing voice

To be a great singer, you need to learn how to develop the micro muscle groups that are responsible for creating pitch, tone and volume.

Professional singers learn how to isolate and strengthen these micro muscles, and in the process, they build a stronger more powerful and confident singing voice.


Learning the correct exercises to stretch out and destress your vocal cords helps you to gain range.
Vocal flexibility is necessary to gain range and improve tone.


Conditioning the vocal cords and the micro muscle groups responsible for creating pitch and volume and sustain.
Vocal conditioning gets the voice fit and when you develop these muscles, singing becomes easier.


Learn the isolation exercises the "pros" use to strengthen the voice and build unbelievable vocal power.
Strengthening the voice (the right way) is the quickest, safest method to building your vocal power.


Resonance is best described as the tonal qualities in your voice. Professional singers know how to use the resonating cavaties found through the body to amplify the rich vibrations created by your vocal cords.
Learning how to use your whole body to create rich resonance is the fastest way to improve your vocal tone.

Breath support

The voice is a wind instrument. Learn how to breath and correctly support your voice from the diaphragm. The more diaphragm support you have, the less strain you place on your vocal cords and the bigger your sound will become. Singing from the diaphragm will unlock more voice power and expand your vocal range; this is also known as vocal compression.
Vocal compression is the secret for ironing out the cracks between your registers and connecting your voice into one long connected note from low to high. Every recording artist relies on vocal compression to deliver a voice that sounds bigger, richer and fuller.

Open throat

Creating the right spaces in the back of the throat and releasing unwanted tension around the laranyx can improve your range and tone.
Singing with a closed throat automatically chokes off your range and kills off your tone.

The psychology of singing

The psychology of singing is a fascinating subject and plays a critical role in the ability to consistently perform at peak levels during your vocal performances.

Henry Ford, widely credited with being the father of the modern automobile industry, was fond of saying, "Whether you think you can or whether you think you cant, you're both right". Meaning if you're about to sing a high note and your thinking is not positively aligned with your desired vocal action, your body will say "Yes!" but your brain will say "No!"

The resulting messaging conflict will cause a crash in the chain of fine motor skill co-ordinations and will result in a vocal note that sounds choked off or will produce a wobble in your singing or screaming voice.

Any significant event in your life that caused you prolonged psychological or emotional discomfort can end up having a profound, negative effect on your central nervous system. Trauma events are very powerful emotional or physical experiences where we might be too terrified to speak or take action, or feel that our life is at risk, and the resulting trauma has a powerful, lasting effect on our body's physiology.

While receiving counseling for these types of trauma events can be very beneficial, the actual muscle memory of the trauma event can be stored in our body's cells. We can still be carrying that trauma around with us. If that trauma is affecting our personal happiness or our ability to freely express our voice in song or speech, or makes us feel uncomfortable sharing our emotions with the people that we love the most then there are great benefits to taking further action to resolve the effect that the trauma is having on our body's operating system.

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RVR Learning and development

I am pleased to announce that I have developed a unique and highly effective learning and development programme. This system helps to close the gaps in your learning and development circle.

When your brain is engaged in the task of learning new skills, or memorising new knowledge, the key to successfully retaining that information and rapidy recalling that information easily is making sure that you engage all the available learning senses at the same time.

I refer to this as my six-dimensional rapid learning method.

In the pursuit of active learning, we create a new learning circle for each new skill or piece of new knowledge that we wish to acquire. We want to be able to upload that knowledge into our central nervous system and concious brain in the most energy and resource-efficient manner possible.

1. The first step in the rapid learning method is to bolt new knowledge onto existing knowledge.

2. The second step is to present information as simply as possible to your brain in its preferred learning method.

Learn how to close the gaps in your learning circle, contact me today for the remaining steps.

We want to ensure that we are effectively using and recruiting as many senses as we possibly can to make sure that the information is received multi-dimensionly - as knowledge, new vocal breathing coordinations etc.

Your brain is more receptive to learning through multi-dimensional learning actions.

If you find it challenging to learn new physical skills, like singing coordinations, chances are that you don't have a vocal performance coach that is able to show you how to close the gaps in your learning circle.

This is where I come in.

Contact me now to discuss how we can overcome your temporary learning challenges together.

RVR "Jedi mind tricks"

The secret to rapidly learning any new skill, or developing the desired physical co-ordinations to reach a proficient level with your performer voice comes down to understanding how the brain works. Identifying all physical and psychological roadblocks that act as handbrakes that prevent us from improving our performance can boost our learning and development.

I am proud to say that i have developed a series of techniques to help rewire our minds for improved performance.

I affectionately refer to these unique learning techniques as my RVR "Jedi mind tricks"!