Kim Rose Fairthorne – Former MAINZ Student

Dear future RVR students,

I have been having vocal lessons with Paule and I have noticed improvements right from the very first lesson.

I had previously gained a lot of bad habits from watching YouTube videos of vocal coaches, but, with no feedback I was unable to understand what I was doing wrong and why it was not working for me.

Prior to lessons with Paule, I could relate my singing to driving a manual car in the wrong gear. Not only did I not even know I was in the wrong gear, I was completely afraid of breakdowns and not wanting to go anywhere with it!  I was revving the heck out of my engine at the high end of the scale and bunny hopping and konking out at the low end of the scale.

Paule has shown me how to be in the right gear for every note, how to not run on empty while breathing and how to not overfill the tank. We are currently working on my confidence and performance and I am finally starting to feel like I have traded my old manual car in for a smooth running automatic, sleek and street worthy!

Paule has also given me expert advice on the musicality of my original songs. I would highly recommend Paule to anyone interested in improving their singing voice. 

Kind regards,

Kim Rose