Luke-W – Singer, rapper and producer

“Before meeting Paule I’d been writing, recording and performing music for almost 8 years as a singer/rapper and producer. My singing was all self taught and when I noticed that during live shows I would find my voice losing strength and pitch as my set progressed I knew I wanted to find a coach that could help me to improve my vocal stamina and if possible improve my range.

I was looking for someone who was more than a singing teacher and could be an all-round vocal and performance coach. So when I found the RVR page I decided to reach out. I wasn’t sure what to expect but from the first few sessions, I was all in. Paule’s approach is super genuine and no BS which I rate highly, and most importantly, it works.

I’ve now been doing weekly sessions with Paule for 6 months now and I can genuinely say that I’ve had huge improvements in my vocal freedom, ease and ability to sing comfortably. This along with working on RVR breathing has improved my lyric delivery and stamina in studio and live. 

I’m excited to continue to work with Paule in 2024 and highly recommend anyone who wants to invest in their own vocal and performance growth to hit up Paule!”

Check out Luke-W’s Spotify, or subscribe to him on YouTube (sample below) to catch his next single release!

Tiras Amadeo Verey – Musical theatre performer

I had been singing since quite a young age, but it was something I hadn’t pursued as a potential career path alongside my other creative endeavours. That was, until I was given the opportunity for more major roles in musical theatre. I knew I had to up my game and actively sought out the best tutor I could find. After reading through reviews and watching some of the videos on the site, I decided to give Paule a try. I had never imagined that so much could be taught and put into practice in such a short space of time, and I had very little time to really get to grips with such a serious expansion of my vocal range and quality of sound. I had always struggled to reach the higher range without straining, and now can with ease.

There were inhibitions I knew existed, but had no idea just how deep they ran. After several weeks spent with Paule, I experienced a vocal breakthrough like no other. His vast expanse of knowledge on the mechanics are truly noteworthy. But far more than that, his ability to understand his student’s ways of learning, mental processing, and how to dig deeper so as to allow the release of whatever setbacks may have settled are absolutely phenomenal.

A huge part of the journey was learning how to give myself permission to project not only when in the role of a main character, but generally (I had always been very softly spoken).

About a month or two after I began with Paule, I auditioned for the role of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in an original adaptation with musical numbers. I do not think I would have landed this role if it weren’t for Paule. He has helped me with the singing aspect ever step of the way and continues to inspire me to give it the best I can. The show has received most excellent feedback, and I have been approached by a number of people from the audience who were extremely complimentary of my voice and singing! 

I also find Paule’s sessions extremely therapeutic, and helpful in so many more ways than just the singing aspect (although that is the main). His mind movies, visual thinking stance (which he gaged I would benefit from the most almost immediately) and physical exercises all connect to allow for greater confidence and belief in the self, and understanding of how we can work with the voice to achieve the most desirable results.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Paule to anyone, whether a veteran or someone looking to take their passion for singing further! His absolute enthusiasm, commitment and support are all qualities that make his unique teaching style among the very best there are to offer!

Cher – Testimonial

Rapid Vocal Results is exactly what you get when you sign up with Paule.

I met Paule when I was on the lookout for a vocal coach with a difference. Someone who could take me to the next level. And Paule is that person.

In just three months my vocal range has improved, so has my breathing, placement and resonance. I can execute my varied repertoire of songs with ease. I can flow between jazz, pop, rock, R&B etc…

Paule uses unique and funny anecdotes and imagery which “stick” when I am out there singing. 

We have “RVR breakthrough moments” every so often and that is deeply rewarding.

Paule shares his indepth knowledge of the workings of the respiratory and vocal functions and communicates really well.

His scales and drills which seem endless are very effective!

It’s great to have Paule in my corner knowing I can call on him whenever I need to. 


Aimee C

After falling pregnant, I had formed vocal weakness due to my morning sickness and after 3 years of no improvement, I knew I needed to seek help to restore my vocals.

I came across RVR while searching for a coach that could get my vocals back on track quickly and efficiently.

Paule at RVR delivers clear and concise lessons that paint a detailed picture on how our vocals work and how to use them efficiently and effectively. After our first lesson we had already seen an improvement.

Paule delivers world class training and knowledge with ease while keeping the environment stress free and fun. If you are looking for a vocal coach, I highly recommend RVR.

Emma L (Kōtare)

I’d been to other vocal coaches but there always seemed to be something missing – until I found Paule from Rapid Vocal Results. 

Apart from an increased register, Paule helped me to achieve more resonance and greater freedom. 

When I had an upcoming gig and was still suffering from post laryngitis, I booked a session with Paule. It was like pouring oil on rusty cogs and I got through the entire performance without a hitch. 

Working with Paule helped pave the way to leaning into my passion as a singer songwriter. 

Performers channel energies, but it’s having the physical frameworks and the confidence in vulnerability to release that fully out in to the Universe. 

I’m proud to have Paule as part of my team.

Kōtare x

Bonnie B – In progress vocal coaching testimonial

⁣I hired a world class vocal performance coach. It was a moment of courage. I couldn’t sing (that’s what I have believed for my whole life!).

But I became so curious, especially as I reflected on the spiritual “intelligence” I have received over the last three years.

I have had numerous people who don’t know me from all over the world, who have prayed and given me prophetic encouragement, sent me messages and words saying that I have a BIG powerful voice, that they see me SINGING, that I’m a great singer, that I will be leading a NEW Sound, speaking, entertaining, leading with my VOICE. ⁣It has become ridiculous how many people have said the same thing! ⁣

So I prayed about it and wondered whether this could this be true. It was always my total heart’s desire to sing! I decided to take the spiritual intel believing that I can sing and challenge this old belief I had that I COULD NOT SING.

I needed a professional though. Someone who trained REAL SINGERS, so I could discover whether I had any hope.

⁣To have it confirmed, professionally by an expert. To prove this correctly once and for all and let me find the very best vocal singing teacher in New Zealand. I decided I will have one session. He can tell me officially and professionally that my school teacher maybe was right, was there any truth in their words when they said that I can’t sing? ⁣If he were to say the same thing, I could finally accept that I was maybe impaired in this area of vocals. ⁣

My first session with my singing vocal coach, Paule Enso, was over 3 months ago. ⁣

Paule is highly intuitive and dug into the “why” I wanted to learn to sing. I’m suddenly tearful, spilling the beans with him, telling him about having to LIP SYNC my role as the Sea Witch at 11 in the little mermaid play. That my voice was bound and robbed at that moment when my schoolteacher said I couldn’t sing the role and would need to mime it. This was such an old story.

On our first session he asked me to sing for him. I suddenly felt the spotlight on me and was wishing for the TRAP DOOR to open now so I could escape this humiliating moment that I had SIGNED UP for. I sang gingerly, and it sounded absolutely terrible. My cheeks went red. I did it though. First steps. Sing bad so I can be taught.⁣

He encouraged me for being WILLING to be UNCOMFORTABLE also I could learn and grow. We have gone on to form a great coaching relationship. ⁣

He initially said on my third session it sounded like a constriction on my larynx⁣. Like when a python wraps and constricts around a throat. That the air was not able to hit my vocal cords at the right speed to release the sound. ⁣

As he took me through the exercises week by week, and he helped me develop my breath and opening of my vocal cords so we could get breath/air to hit my big thick vocal cords I was absolutely SHOCKED to hear the pure loud sound that came out of me. It felt like this freedom to breathe and sing and make this amazing sound through me. This is practically what restoring your voice looks like!

My voice coach told me that I have⁣ “BIG THICK VOCAL CORDS”⁣.

He excitedly told me “Bonnie, you have the raw vocal DNA potential to hit the MONEY NOTES”⁣.

This is the major C female singing voice that Grammy award artists such as ⁣Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey possess! ⁣

On my tenth session he said it’s like someone who owns a V8 motorbike. It’s fast and powerful, but you need to learn how to ride it and control it so you don’t crash it. ⁣To learn the speed, tone of my voice, the foundational BREATH diaphragm set up, projection, pitch and most importantly to relax, “yawn”, and have my happy singer’s smile.⁣

Now I am taking FULL ownership for the sound of my voice and the message I sensed resting in the shadows. It was like searching in a dark attic for something that had been forgotten and stored away. ⁣

MY VOICE. ⁣Re-awakening to the sound of my own voice. Taking ownership of the SOUND that comes forth when I stand in the authority of my VOICE and SPEAK. ⁣It was a booming declaration.

I’m curious if this resonates for you? ⁣Have you wondered if you can LEARN HOW TO SING?⁣ Have you been ashamed to sing ⁣or publicly speak?

There’s so much to this and I’m looking forward to unpacking it more and help others dismantle their blocks and beliefs that are lies and holding them back from doing what could be most enjoyable!⁣

The best thing is when you sing did you know that it stimulates your pleasure centre in your BRAIN. Singing releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine – the ‘happy’ chemicals that boost your mood and make you feel good about yourself.

It’s so awesome to have an experienced, knowledgeable coach to guide me step by step through this exciting journey of discovering my singing voice.

If this story resonates with you and you want to discover the power, beauty and freedom of your own singing voice, call or message Paule here at Rapid Vocal Results, or email paule@rapidvocalresults.com.

Carla Terry – Lead Vocalist for No Regrets

A little background on me. I have been singing lead vocals in a local Covers Band in the Manawatu now for just on 10yrs. I always knew that I required a little help to correct some bad habits I had taught myself in my journey.

Fast track through to 9wks ago….

Rapid Vocal Results

I had heard great things about Rapid Vocal Results and this Paule Enso. I ummm’d and ahhhhhh’d for a few months on whether I should join up. Well anyway, I did. And he is ah-ma-zing!!!

Paule has been teaching me about how to better breathe through my diaphragm to get a better use of air to create my sound. Yeah I know, sounds complex, and it is. But he makes it easy. He is the absolute best.

Honestly if your singing needs a bit of help – Paule Enso is your man! If I was asked to rate his teaching ability on a scale of 1 to 10, and 10 being the absolute best, I would rate Paule a 9.5 (I don’t give anybody a 10!) but it just shows you how amazing Rapid Vocal Results really is.

Thanks heaps Paule for everything you have done and continue to do to educate me in my vocals journey.

Sarah Spicer – Recording & Touring Artist, X-Factor Finalist

I’m 43 yrs old and quite frankly I thought, that I had my voice all worked out by now! But after spending some quality time working with Paule and his Rapid Vocal Results methods, I definitely noticed improvements in my tone and vocal strength etc. Learning how to use my voice more efficiently has measurably improved the stamina of my singing voice.

Paule helped me gain a deeper understanding of how the voice works in a holistic way. I have now learnt practical vocal techniques that help me to maintain my voice at its best. 

Paule helped me out recently while I was on tour. Due to my performance schedule. I had been singing daily for weeks in a row and was suffering from fatigue and lack of energy.

The RVR techniques, really work and are easy to learn! I will continue to use them in the future both on the road and in the studio.

Paule is very professional, flexible and reliable and I can’t recommend him highly enough. The Skype calls work really well and allow me to practice from home or while I’m on the road.

Many Thanks Paule,
Sarah Sassy Spicer


Filip Egnell – Stockholme, Sweden (Online Coaching)

Through out my life I’ve always loved to sing. But in recent years I’ve started to notice how extremely exhausted my voice got after much less than an hour of singing. 

My vocal challenge that I wanted to over come was the inefficient singing. It felt like I was pushing and staining all the time when I sang. I thought that I was already at the end of my range and volume of my voice, but I thought I’d give Paule a try anyway. During my RVR vocal diagnostic session I tried to sing Piano man and Dream on both went pretty shit. Paule said that he could help me, so I came back for the first actual coaching session. He brought out the first RVR exercises for opening the throat, showed me some strange mouth shapes and let me sing a song at the end. That was the first time ever my voice did not even feel a little exhausted after singing. So I continued the lessons for about 7-8 months  and i ve recently resumed the Skype, coaching sessions again, because I had started to loose some of the new improved vocal and breathing co-ordinations, that literally made it easier to sing high screaming rock songs!. I wanted that freedom back and new who to call to help me get back on track! In the end Paule helped me fix problems I didn’t even know I had.

I had a vocal coach prior to Paule and his methods were completely different to what I was used to. But already in the second lesson I could feel a difference. Of course I took some time to actually learn to sing like that all the time and not go back to my old ways in between the lessons. But the fact that I could already feel the difference was astonishing to me so I kept on going.

The personalized vocal coaching, was extremely helpful for me. In the coaching sessions I always trusted Paule 100% and his methods too. But at the same time I always felt like I had a say in my coaching if there was something that I wanted to work more on for example or if there was something I wanted to change. Paule always made the coaching fun and interesting with a lot of mind movies to make things easier to understand and remember.

Did Paule’s methods, exercises and coaching work for me? Not only YES, but HELL YES!! After the 7-8 months of coaching with Paule I am literally a whole new singer. I can sing things that I was only able to dream about singing before. When I started the RVR I was straining a lot while singing, I had a hard time singing loud without killing my voice after about 10 min. I couldn’t really take any notes in the 5th octave, an A4-B4 was a pretty damn high note for me. Now a high note for me is a D5-E5 and a D6 in falsetto. Because of RVR not only my chest voice and head voice got stronger, but also my falsetto. I don’t strain a lot when I sing anymore. I recently recorded some demo’s in Sweden with a progressive rock band for about 4h without even being close to blowing out my voice.

I don’t have a lot to compare Paule’s coaching to but can definitely say that every session is really, really fun! Even the ones where I thought the exercises were really tricky or the ones where something was really hard to understand for me. I knew that in the end I would get a lot out of it and man was I right. The way I would describe the coaching style is that it’s really varied and dynamic. If there is one thing in particular you want to work on Paule finds ten different ways for you to work on it and then selects the best few for you.

On the 10th of December 2022, Filip performed at the official afterparty event for the Nobel Peace Prize with his band.

Anastasiya K

I decided to take on singing lessons to get better control of my voice. My other hope was to maybe understand the sound, notes, tones and whatever I could comprehend, without having big ambitions.

Well, a few sessions in we discovered that I had a good singing (!!!) voice that I never knew I had, nor did I ever hear! This became so exciting and opened up so many possibilities I never dreamed of!

It’s been 7 months, I can (mostly) sing in tune, I am comfortable singing along to my favorite artists and now it’s just a matter of work that I put in, and direction that I decide to take. 

Super grateful to Paule, his professionalism, his approach and persistence with me as a student! Hope this can empower more people to discover their voice, too.