Adrian Sprague

When I embarked on this journey, I never expected the passion that was about to engulf me. When I first met Paule, I felt both at ease and excited by what he had to say about the power of the voice. This immediately grabbed my attention and from then on my focus.

Each lesson was fun and as time went became more intense (but in a fun way). Paule gives you the momentum to take the next step with encouragement and equally with the same passion you’ve invested in his unique “No BS” style of coaching.

Every week I progressed at a comfortable rate, often surprising myself and thus gaining more confidence. It’s a journey I’m still enjoying. Paule’s method is different and that’s exactly why the results blow your mind if you walk the talk each time you train with him.

Easy to understand and fun to be coached by. Absolutely rapt I’m learning to sing with this guy and so will you. No BS 🙂