Alyssa Clemmett

I have always had an interest in singing but never had the confidence to do so in front of people. Paule is the first and only person that has helped me gain confidence and taught me to never be scared of making mistakes.

Paule has helped me with a massive breakthrough with my voice! My confidence in my voice has never been so rich with gold until Paule took me on.

I thought it was normal to feel strain when you sing and that it would hurt every-time, but Paule has shown me that should NEVER be the case! Singing is freedom! And should be heard!

Every mistake I make in singing is a step closer to my goals and Paule has guided me to reach so many goals the past year alone. Such as vocal strength, range and pitch.

All of these things have improved tremendously over the past year!! I never would have imagined I would ever sing the way I can now! My vocal range is INSANE! I would have never thought my body was capable of hitting even whistle notes!!

He has the best patience and attitude and every lesson is fun and worth the time. I leave every session smiling and sing in the car on the way home. He taught me how to open up the voice and bring in emotion and attitude into performances.

He is not only a fantastic vocal coach but also a true friend. I look forward to the next year of vocal training, and can’t wait to find out what Paule has planned out for this year!

Alyssa Clemmett