Gilles Bullinga – Vocalist for ‘Would Samaritan?’

To potential future RVR students;

I’ve been taking lessons with Paule for about a year now. When I started, I knew very little about vocal co-ordinations and the very precise science behind singing, all I knew was that I was writing vocals for a band and I wanted it to go somewhere. I needed to sound awesome, peak performance. I wanted to get up on stage and have my audience leave as raving fans of the notes and lyrics I’d sung.

However, no dream is perfect, and talent comes only after a long period of practice, learning, and repetition. I started taking rapid vocal results lessons with Paule to get through the problems I was having in making my voice sound good. The whistley, straining high end of my vocal range, and the wobbly bottom end, were both problems we solved together in no less than a couple months, and from there it’s been a course of training and strengthening over time. Building up mass in the chords and developing further and further into my low and higher ranges, but most importantly we’ve trained the flexibility and reliability of my voice; I can sound good whenever I want, on my terms. And we’ll only make more progress over the time to come.

Yet there’s another side to my vocal developments; My music is far from rock, and further from pop. Progressive Metalcore would be the closest genre, and it has a specific blend of singing and screaming. It’s very difficult as a vocalist to keep up with both sides, and even harder to not hurt yourself while doing it. Paule has helped me develop my screaming vocals into brutality, flexibility, and reliability. Weaving in and out of high, medium, and low screams, and then back into singing is becoming easier and easier with every session. As my band focuses on recording our debut EP, I can relax and record vocals without worrying about suffering any long-term damage.

My advice to potential students; If you know in your heart that music is a passion for you, and something you live for, then RVR lessons are a must-have.