RVR Artist Spotlight – Aliz (Back To Eden)

This week’s spotlight focuses on an exciting up and coming talent with fantastic vocal DNA potential.

Aliz, hailing from Melbourne, Australia is going to take Australasia by storm with his band, Back To Eden. Together, the band is going to carve out their own place within Australia’s music industry and I’m thrilled to be a part of that journey.

Within the first two sessions working with Aliz, we’ve already had some exciting vocal breakthroughs. Aliz already came to the table with some raw vocal talent in his voice, and with a little polishing, RVR is helping him to unleash the beast and make it easier to hit higher notes, as well as sustain the upper register of his vocal range during recording sessions and live concerts.

Check out some of Back To Eden’s music below. I can’t wait to see how far these guys will go!

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