Tiras Amadeo Verey – Musical theatre performer

I had been singing since quite a young age, but it was something I hadn’t pursued as a potential career path alongside my other creative endeavours. That was, until I was given the opportunity for more major roles in musical theatre. I knew I had to up my game and actively sought out the best tutor I could find. After reading through reviews and watching some of the videos on the site, I decided to give Paule a try. I had never imagined that so much could be taught and put into practice in such a short space of time, and I had very little time to really get to grips with such a serious expansion of my vocal range and quality of sound. I had always struggled to reach the higher range without straining, and now can with ease.

There were inhibitions I knew existed, but had no idea just how deep they ran. After several weeks spent with Paule, I experienced a vocal breakthrough like no other. His vast expanse of knowledge on the mechanics are truly noteworthy. But far more than that, his ability to understand his student’s ways of learning, mental processing, and how to dig deeper so as to allow the release of whatever setbacks may have settled are absolutely phenomenal.

A huge part of the journey was learning how to give myself permission to project not only when in the role of a main character, but generally (I had always been very softly spoken).

About a month or two after I began with Paule, I auditioned for the role of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in an original adaptation with musical numbers. I do not think I would have landed this role if it weren’t for Paule. He has helped me with the singing aspect ever step of the way and continues to inspire me to give it the best I can. The show has received most excellent feedback, and I have been approached by a number of people from the audience who were extremely complimentary of my voice and singing! 

I also find Paule’s sessions extremely therapeutic, and helpful in so many more ways than just the singing aspect (although that is the main). His mind movies, visual thinking stance (which he gaged I would benefit from the most almost immediately) and physical exercises all connect to allow for greater confidence and belief in the self, and understanding of how we can work with the voice to achieve the most desirable results.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Paule to anyone, whether a veteran or someone looking to take their passion for singing further! His absolute enthusiasm, commitment and support are all qualities that make his unique teaching style among the very best there are to offer!