Your motivation

It’s that time again to address the “vocal elephant” in the room.

This post is for every singer that has been tempted, or is tempted right now, to give up on achieving their vocal development goals. Usually this is caused through lack of motivation.

Bearing in mind that a life of singing and music is not for everyone, but if you’re one of those people that are constantly singing in the shower, in the car, around the house, or you’re listening to music 24/7, it should be pretty clear to you right now that music isn’t just a hobby. It’s a lifeline to get you through each day.

Like it or not, you’ve been chosen. You have been hand picked from among your mates by the singing gods to carry the musical flame for your generation. You don’t choose music; music chooses you.

It’s not always an easy journey. Sometimes we can be born with this amazingly strong relationship to music and vocally or aurally, we can lack the correct coordination to sound good with our voices. I am going to list my top five signs that indicate that you were born a musician and that it is worth the time and energy to realise your dreams:

  1. You hear a song on the radio and you cant help but repeat the main melody over and over again
  2. You’re always coming up with little bits of ideas for lyrics or songs, even if they remain unfinished
  3. You’d rather go without a fast food meal to save money to buy that new microphone or essential vocal gear
  4. Driving across town on a sunny day to spend time in a cramped practice room sounds like your idea of a good time
  5. You have a burning desire to express yourself and your feelings to a large audience

Speaking for myself, at the early age of four years old I knew that music; singing, as well as playing guitar and drums, held various levels of fascination for me. What the gods of music forgot to give me was an ounce of natural talent, coordination, or good vocal DNA to help get me started.

What I did have in massive supply was determination, imagination and desire. Sometimes if left undirected, these things won’t be enough to smoothly take you from where you are in your musical journey, through to your destination. I realised early on that what I didn’t know can definitely hurt me.

I was determined to find some great mentors to make my learning path in music easier. It took me years to find different mentors that had not only mastered a particular part of their craft, but who possessed the right combination of both teaching skills and patience to be good at passing on their knowledge down to me in a way that I could benefit from it.

I had to do everything the hard way and for every successful mentor I found and discovered, there were at least ten others I tried that weren’t a good fit for me. They either just had a plain bad attitude towards sharing and developing other musicians, or their style did not match my preferred way of learning.

This is where the need for Rapid Vocal Results was born.

I couldn’t find the mentor that I needed that was well rounded, knowledgeable, patient, and possessed the skills to develop me through professional performance coaching.

My Holy Grail quest was to find a mentor that could teach me the skills to become a competent, well rounded singer, songwriter, guitar player and composer.

It has taken me nearly 20 years of long hours, one to one coaching sessions, and learning and development research, but now I am that kind of mentor for every budding singer/screamer/song writer/guitarist.

If you know that music is in your blood and you’re missing the key physical skills to realise your dreams, stop looking at the brick wall that you’ve run into and send me a message. Let’s get you booked into a coaching session and get you back on the path. This time with the right level of guidance and clarity to achieve your musical goals.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, I’d love to hear from you and start to understand the signs that you’ve noticed in your life that tell you too were born to be a musician.

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