Mary Elizabeth Grace – Spoken Word Performer

I am thrilled to have Paule as my Vocal Performance Coach via Skype.

He was able to pinpoint exactly why I was struggling with my voice and come up with an effective, customized approach just as he promised.

I had worked with several highly acclaimed vocal coaches, but had made very little progress. Paule was able to get at the root of the problem, which has been a game changer for me.

Paule guides and has built my confidence, step by step, all through this past year. He has the patience, expertise and genuine passion to help me grow into my voice as a singer. He is always reminding me of what I have accomplished so far and all I have to look forward to when I reach my dream of singing my songs.

That said, each and every lesson is a real pleasure because of the genuine enthusiasm he shares for my journey, what I like to call, the sounding of Soul.

Kind Regards,

Mary Elizabeth Grace

Toronto, Canada